All About Canker Sores

What are canker sores? They are small, white or yellow lesions with a red border. Also called recurrent aphthous stomatitis and aphthous ulcers, these sores appear inside the mouth. Here are a few of the possible causes for canker sores and treatment options. Causes Of Canker Sores There is no known cause for canker sores,… Read more »

Do You Have Bad Breath? This Might be Why.

One in every four Americans deals with halitosis, or bad breath. If you are constantly popping wintergreen mints or spearmint gum to freshen your breath, it could be a sign that you are part of that 25 percent. There are ways to prevent this bad breath, and we have compiled list of the most common… Read more »

Impacted Wisdom Teeth: Symptoms and Problems

You know that wisdom teeth removal is a norm, but you may not know why. Removing your wisdom teeth can actually be very important in maintaining your dental health, and here is why. Symptoms of Problems Your 4 wisdom teeth usually erupt between the ages of 17 to 25. Your dentist will keep an eye… Read more »

Recording-Making Teeth

Just about every science, profession or area of interest that you can imagine has its world records. And dentistry is no different. So, strictly for your wonder and entertainment, we’ve gathered a notable list of world records that all pertain to dentistry or some aspect of oral health. Enjoy! Famous Teeth for a Price Remember… Read more »

Don’t Destroy Your Smile!

Sharks can lose about 20 teeth each week, which is shocking but not surprising, since they’ve been known to chomp down on just about anything, from glass bottles to license plates to tires. While a shark’s undiscerning diet can be problematic for its digestive system, it’s not an issue for its teeth because it has… Read more »